Announcing Redis 7.2 unified release and enhanced vector DB

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Redis unlocks your data’s full potential

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Cache only

With other Redis providers, you are limited to only using Redis as a cache.

━━━━━ Primary Database ━━━━━

With Redis Enterprise, Redis becomes your primary database that supports both enterprise caching and a multi-model database for building modern applications and low latency microservices architectures.

Complex Platform

With other Redis hosted providers you only get the features of Redis Open Source.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

For the most demanding enterprise workloads, only Redis Enterprise provides 99.999% uptime, sub-millisecond latency, single-digit-seconds failover, Active-Active Geo-Distribution and no data loss.

Complex Platform

Redis Open Source services hosted by others are way too expensive. Even databases such as DynamoDB are 4X more expensive and 10X slower!

Cost Effective Redis - Complex Platform

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

Even with all the enterprise features, Redis Enterprise starts at just $7/month, and with credits, it’s as low as $0 for the 1st year. You can manage terabytes of data, on flash storage and save up to 80% of the cost.

Cost Effective Redis - Simple Platform

Complex Platform

With other databases and hosting providers, you may get locked-in and not have all the flexibilities you need for your business.

━━━━━ Simple Platform ━━━━━

With Redis Enterprise, you have the flexibility to go from one cloud to another, deploy on multiple clouds, or even choose hybrid deployments.


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Session: Top 5 ways to reimagine your data layer with Redis

Date: Thursday, 01 December 2022 @ 11:20AM
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Ofer Bengal
John Noonan
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Redis


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