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Build Your Redis Expertise at RedisConf 2021 with Four New Training Courses

RedisConf is back this year from April 20–21! Join thousands of Redis enthusiasts in more than 60 breakout sessions and keynotes, challenge yourself in the $100K hackathon, and build your Redis expertise in four new (and free!) training courses:

  • Running Redis at Scale
  • Redis and Spring: Building High Performance RESTful APIs
  • Redis and .NET: Building High Performance RESTful APIs
  • The Node.js Redis Crash Course

You can read about each of these courses below. Just know that all of the training courses will open on April 12, the week before RedisConf. Each training course will include a video-based, on-demand component plus live sessions with the instructor. The live sessions are optional, but attendance is highly recommended. You’ll also get access to a Discord channel, where you can ask questions, provide feedback, and network with fellow students.

See the live session schedule on the RedisConf site.

We’re committed to bringing you a quality training experience, whether you’re brand new to Redis or looking to expand your expertise, at no cost to you. Here’s a closer look at our four training courses:

Running Redis at Scale

Instructors: Kurt Moeller and Elena Kolevska

Redis is every developer’s favorite database , but managing Redis in production can become challenging as the footprint grows. In addition to the many deployment options (from Redis Cluster to Redis Sentinel to Redis Enterprise), you need to be able to address legitimate questions around capacity planning, monitoring, and security. All of these concerns fall under the umbrella of running Redis at scale.

This course, taught by our esteemed technical enablement architects, will teach you how to effectively run Redis for high throughput while ensuring high availability and the best security, observability, and operability.

Through a series of hands-on activities and demos, you’ll learn about Redis’  latest security features in open source Redis (ACLs) and Redis Enterprise (RBAC and LDAP), while also exploring options for real-time data monitoring, alerting, and disaster recovery.

Redis and Spring: Building High Performance RESTful APIs

Instructor: Brian Sam-Bodden

More and more, Redis is becoming a core component in the Spring application stack. This is obviously true when it comes to caching, but it’s also the case with custom-purpose microservices.

This course provides Spring developers with a comprehensive introduction to building full-fledged RESTful APIs with Redis and Spring.

With more than 20 years of experience crafting software systems, Redis Developer Advocate Brian Sam-Bodden will guide you through building the backend API for the Redi2Read Bookstore, a modern ecommerce platform. Learn to develop the functional aspects of the store—like modelling the store’s domain and indexing—before exploring non-functional aspects of API development like caching, session caching, and rate-limiting.

Redis and .NET: Building High Performance RESTful APIs

Instructor: DaShaun Carter

Redis Partner Solution Architect DaShaun Carter will teach .NET developers of all experience levels how to build complete RESTful APIs with ASP.NET Core and the .NET Redis client libraries. Similar to the Spring course, you’ll be building the API for the back end of a bookstore. Explore domain modeling, indexing, caching, session storage, and more!

The Node.JS Redis Crash Course

Instructor: Simon Prickett

Build a social check-in backend with Redis, Node.js, and Express! This course, taught by Curriculum Software Engineer Simon Prickett, will amplify your hands-on knowledge of application development and data modeling. Under Simon’s instruction, you will learn how to build a back-end application using core Redis data structures and Redis modules like RedisBloom and RedisJSON. In turn, the app you build will power a social check-in mobile app, allowing mobile users to give star ratings for their experiences at various types of locations.

How to register

Register for training on the RedisConf site, and stay tuned for the release of the live sessions schedule. And while you’re signing up, consider also enrolling in the hackathon, where you’ll have an opportunity to win one of 52 prizes totaling $100,000. Put pen to practice and implement some of the course learnings into your hackathon application!

Kurt, Elena, Brian, DaShaun, and Simon have worked really hard to reimagine what an online conference training can be and to provide you with the best possible training experience. We hope to see you in class! Do sign up below, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to connect with us on Discord.