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Great Just Got Even Better: More Free Space, New Plans at a Lower Price

We’re already having a whirlwind November as we gear up for AWS re:Invent next week, and we don’t intend to slow down! Today we are delighted to announce some new options and exciting changes for our popular Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud plans:

What’s Better Than Free Space? More of it!

Since the beginning of our commercial service offerings, our free 20MB plan has been extremely popular with both new era and enterprise level developers. A key part of this popularity is because we have always made our free tier more useful than our competition’s without attaching any strings to it.

But when something is really great, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved…
As of today, our free tier now provides a memory size of 25MB for all instances. You can start using the extra 5MB right away without changing anything in your account or application (the update may take slightly longer for some of our PaaS users).

Less Is Better? When You’re Talking About The Price!

Until today, we offered just two variants of our highly-available, enterprise-class premium services – Standard and Multi-AZ (which offers additional resilience to zone failures). However, as we’ve talked with customers, we noticed some use cases for which high availability isn’t mandatory, i.e. when our services are used for cache-like purposes. So, today we have added new plan options, called Redis Cloud Cache and Memcached Cloud Basic.

These plans still provide infinite scalability, dedicated databases and a devoted team, but at considerably lower prices. Of course, they don’t feature our additional replication, auto-failover or data persistence capabilities, which means that the only way to get your data back after a failure is by restoring it from backup (that we do provide of course).

Check out our new pricing page for details about our plans. That’s all for today but the week isn’t over… We hope to see you at booth #627 at the AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas next week (contact Cameron for bookings and questions) and, as always, feel free to drop us a line on any matter at any time.