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Learn How Redis
Simplifies Your Architecture in 90 seconds

We love to write long, deeply technical articles like this, this or this. But sometimes you just don’t have the time. And we hear you. So here’s how Redis simplifies your architecture in one short summary and a video that explains it all in less than 90 seconds. 

How to simplify your AWS architecture

Let’s say you’re building a real-time application on AWS. What would it take to set up?

You’d need a combination of different services. You might use Kinesis to collect the data, DynamoDB to persist the data, and ElastiCache to quickly access frequently used data. But that’s not all. You might also throw on TimeStream for backend analytics or OpenSearch for searching. And the list goes on.

But these are all different systems, and to make them work together, you  end up using a bunch of lambda functions, Simple Queue service, etc. Suddenly you’re dealing with a very complex system— one that needs multiple experts to manage all those specialized services. Now you have a slow, complex system that’s expensive to manage.

With Redis Enterprise, you can minimize all these complexities with a unified real-time data platform. For that same system, you can use the native features of Redis Enterprise, like streams for collecting the data, pub/sub for distributing the data, Lists for queuing, TimeSeries for analyzing, Gears for ETL, and RedisJSON for persisting. And since it’s all in the same system, you don’t need numerous experts to manage it. You end up with one fully managed system, that’s blazing fast and cost-effective. 

Check out the 90-second video to see what we mean.