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Oracle OpenWorld 2014

The annual Oracle OpenWorld event is taking place next week in San Francisco. From past experience and judging by the amount of buzz around it, OpenWorld is a definite must-attend event for anyone who’s interested in data management. Traditionally, NoSQL technologies were regarded as distant cousins of mainstream DBMSes, but Oracle’s recent foray into that domain is solid proof that times have changed. Enterprises are hungry for innovation that helps them tackle their business challenges and are embracing the ease of use, speed and scale that NoSQL brings.

If you’re looking to power your application with an Enterprise-class Redis, I’d like to invite you to talk with us. The Redis team will be at Oracle OpenWorld and our booth is 204 Moscone South. You’ll meet our CEO, Mr. Ofer Bengal, and our CTO, Mr. Yiftach Shoolman, to discuss how you can start using Redis with your existing database to immediately take it to a new level of performance and scale. To book a meeting now send me an email to: