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Redis University: 1st Course Live on June 5

Since we launched Redis University at RedisConf18 in April, you have asked for a number of details – why, what courses, will there be certifications, when can I sign up?  

Let me use this post to share a few details with you.

The goal of Redis University is to provide the community, customers and partners the best educational experience from Redis engineers, experts and practitioners. Gaining practical insights from the team that has the most experience with Redis and helps thousands of customers successfully run at scale in production, will help accelerate your journey.

We wanted to ensure this education was ubiquitous. It should be where you are and accessible on the device you want to use. Traditional workshops or classroom training sessions are great, but that only works if they are held close to the student, or the student can travel to the location. Redis University is online, so all it requires is for students to have an internet connection and web browser. The course units consist of video tutorials, quizzes and weekly homework. Each student gets their own virtual lab, so no software installations are necessary.

Each student will be awarded a certificate of completion if they achieve an overall grade of 65% on a course. You will have bragging rights among your peers when you post the badge on LinkedIn or other social media!

We also want to ensure you have access to this education with least number of barriers. Redis University is free to register and take classes. Even the certificate of completion is free.

Our first course is an Introduction of Redis Data Structures.  It will cover the practical uses of Keys, Strings, Hashes, Lists, Sets and Sorted Sets. This is a great first step, especially if you are coming to Redis from a relational or document store, to the world of Redis. The coursework is directed at applying the technical fundamentals to practical problem solving. So for this first course, we will build components for a reservation system, based around a famous sporting event taking place in 2020.

Redis University will provide Professional certifications in the future as – part of our roadmap for 2019. First, we want to focus on creating a selection of foundation, intermediate and advanced courses that appeal to developers and administrators.

Later in the year we will be adding more courses for developers, focusing on Modules and the various language bindings. Administration courses will follow after that, so please stay connected. The simplest way to do that is to create an account at Redis University.

Please enroll before June 5th to join us on this first course. Enroll at