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Scaling Redis Applications Using BOSH on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Redis Enterprise Pack (RP)

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We are very excited to announce the availability of the new Redis Enterprise Pack BOSH-based tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This integration allows Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers to deploy Redis Enterprise as a data microservice within their platform, enabling users to build highly responsive applications by using simple BOSH-based operations in Ops Manager Web UI.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides a native platform for deploying and operating modern applications in private clouds. BOSH provides simple and powerful service lifecycle management and orchestration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. With the new tile for Redis Enterprise Pack, developers and admins can simply deploy Redise clusters through simple BOSH-based operations. With the new tile, it is easy to manage Redise Pack based clusters and provide continuous availability as well as simple scaling for Redis based database applications. It is easy to get started, simply provide a cluster name, configure the number of nodes for Redis Enterprise Pack and security credentials and you’ll have a fully functional, running redis enterprise cluster in PCF environment. Next section provides detailed step by step guide to get started.

Figure: PCF Ops Manager with Redis Enterprise Pack Tile

Getting Started with the new Redis Enterprise Pack Tile on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

To get started with the new Redis Enterprise Pack tile, simply follow the five steps below;

You can also find details on the new tile download location and detailed discussion of Redis Enterprise capabilities in our technical documentation.

Thank you!