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Springing Into Action: Pivotal and Redis Labs at SpringOne Platform 2016

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My delayed Southwest flight from San Jose to Las Vegas gave me some extra time to finalize my game plan for attending SpringOne Platform 2016. I was really excited for the trip, and the delay (followed by another delay) did little to dampen my excitement. Upon landing in Vegas, I was greeted by the instantly sweat-inducing 112 degree heat/humidity, as well as the usual long weaving taxi line comprised of every demographic imaginable. The good news was that our “home” for the next few days, the Aria, was a short ride away.

Springing Into Action: Pivotal and Redis at SpringOne Platform 2016

In mid-June, Redis and Pivotal announced a new partnership along with the general availability of a Redis Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) tile on the Pivotal Network. This new offering delivers the highly available Redis database on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, enabling enterprises to build and deploy world-class enterprise applications on a stable, high-performance database. Pivotal Cloud Foundry-based applications can now access RLEC through an easy-to-deploy-and-manage tile in the Pivotal Network.

While way too many tech partnerships end up as simply an exchange of logos on websites, our new partnership with Pivotal has fortunately been quite the opposite. Pivotal’s entire team, from senior management on down to the sales and technical teams, has been actively engaged with us as we explore the best and most efficient path to market for our joint offering. This spirit of collaboration has continued throughout this week’s SpringOne Platform conference.

As a featured partner of Pivotal, we were invited to participate in the Global Ecosystem session, hosted by VP of Global Alliances, Nick Cayou, and the Field CTO of Cloud Foundry, Josh McKenty. This interactive session around partnering was a highlight of the conference for us, reinforcing Pivotal’s commitment to their partners and ecosystem. We also heard directly from Bill Cook, Pivotal’s COO, making clear his commitment to partners.

Pivotal Field CTO of Cloud Foundry, Joshua Mckenty

Pivotal Field CTO of Cloud Foundry, Joshua Mckenty
Redis is chosen for cloud native applications because of its persistence, versatility and incredibly high performance. Through our partnership with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, more enterprises can now easily and cost effectively create highly responsive and scalable Redis-based applications with the enterprise-grade high availability of RLEC.

As I found myself back at McCarran airport surrounded by the sounds of slot machines and delayed boarding announcements, I was excited thinking about the great benefits this new partnership will bring to our customers. Now if only airlines shared the same qualities of our enterprise database: high availability, predictable high performance…

For more information on our partnership, please visit: https://redis.com/partners/find-a-partner