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Dynamic Yield


Dynamic Yield is a customer personalization platform for marketers. Its innovative platform optimizes and personalizes experiences for end users across mobile, web, app and email engagements.

Capturing more than 600 billion events per month, Dynamic Yield has seen its user base more than double every year since 2013. The company’s use of Redis Enterprise Cloud has grown right alongside its user base, becoming a vital component of almost every personalization solution Dynamic Yield offers today.

We use a lot of technologies at Dynamic Yield, but almost every customer solution we offer involves Redis Enterprise Cloud in some way. Redis Enterprise Cloud helps enable our business to serve actionable real-time experiences for our customers.

Ramon Snir

Customer Integrations Engineer, Dynamic Yield

A Long History With Redis

“Redis has been with us from the get go,” says Ramon Snir, Customer Integrations Engineer at Dynamic Yield. “But what started out as just one of many NoSQL technologies in our stack has evolved to become a core component of our operations, one that touches almost every feature of the platform.”

Dynamic Yield’s usage of Redis grew over time. In 2013, the company rolled out open source Redis, but as their user base and application portfolio grew, Dynamic Yield turned to Redis Enterprise Cloud to address their need for dynamic scaling and high availability. The team made the move to the fully managed enterprise-grade Redis service, so they could focus on accelerated product delivery and innovation and implemented Redis on Flash in 2018, saving upwards of 35 percent on infrastructure costs while maintaining Redis’ industry-best sub-millisecond latency.

Customer requirements

  • Seamless scalability: As its Redis OSS database grew from ten gigabytes to multi-terabytes in five years, enterprise-level scalability became a necessity
  • High performance: Because many of its platform operations require access to the data layer, even the slightest bump in latency could compound into a significant delay
  • Easier management: Maintenance of its on-premises Redis OSS clusters had become too time-consuming

Redis Enterprise Cloud benefits

  • Zero operational hassle: Redis Enterprise Cloud is a fully managed service, allowing Dynamic Yield to focus on more strategic projects
  • Sub-millisecond latency: Dynamic Yield realizes an average latency of less than one millisecond
  • Significant operational savings: Flash storage for cold values has reduced Dynamic Yield’s annual infrastructure costs by over 35%

A long list of use cases

While Dynamic Yield was ramping up Redis data volumes and enterprise features, it was also dramatically expanding the scope of Redis Enterprise Cloud across its personalization platform. Originally used as a simple, local cache, Redis Enterprise Cloud is now the backbone in numerous use cases, including: MySQL index, distributed lock, user real-time activity store, load balancing data access, and indexed product catalogs store.

Today, more than 30 applications – and nearly every customer solution Dynamic Yield offers – involves Redis Enterprise Cloud in some way across the company’s personalization platform.