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Vetr delivers personalized insights and alerts about the people, stocks and funds its users follow. To cover over 1000+ US-listed equities daily for its ever expanding user base, the company architected a hybrid database strategy to meet the unique business requirements of real-time crowdsourced stock ratings.

Redis Enterprise Cloud from Redis provides a robust, high performance and highly available data platform to persist the company’s rapidly changing data and helps them deliver instant stock ratings to increasing numbers of users, by scaling seamlessly and without downtime.

Even running a single medium tier EC2 instance with Redis would be more expensive than using Redis Enterprise Cloud. My advice to emerging companies – spend the time thinking about the rapidly changing data in your system and at what performance you need to access it. Don’t run your own Redis servers; Redis Enterprise Cloud is pretty much a no-brainer.

Zoheb Sait

CTO, Vetr

Driving Development Efficiency

Redis Enterprise Cloud upgrades or downgrades required no downtime or dataset movement. They did not have to worry about managing and operating the infrastructure needed to run it, saving them operational costs. Redis Enterprise Cloud scaled seamlessly, shielding Vetr from any operational hassles related to managing this very important persistent data layer, which is crucial to their service. With the operations completely invisible to them, their teams can now focus on development and this is extremely critical to their growing business.

Customer requirements

  • Need for speed, scaling capabilities and operational simplicity
  • Integration with PostgreSQL to store static, structured data

Redis Enterprise benefits

  • High Performance: persists and serves rapidly changing data with sub-millisecond latency
  • Seamless Scale: scales up or down with no downtime or operational hassle
  • High Availability: no downtime or data loss in years of using Redis Enterprise Cloud
  • Cost Effectiveness: no need to maintain in-house Redis expertise or worry about

Redis Delivers High Performance and High Availability At Scale

To save on operational costs, Vetr chose going to the cloud. However, finding cloud services that could scale Redis infinitely and seamlessly as needed, without downtime was impossible – until they discovered the Redis Enterprise Cloud offering from Redis.