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Explore Fully Managed Redis Cloud on Google Cloud

Redis Cloud on Google Cloud is a fully managed, real-time database-as-a-service and cache. It’s trusted by thousands of customers because of its unmatched performance, high availability, scalability, and support.

Learn how to run Redis Cloud on Google Cloud for all of your applications. And to help you get started, we offer a Google Marketplace credit.

Why Redis Cloud?

Futureproof your data layer with the only version of Redis that enables faster growth and more powerful applications – while meeting businesses’ real-time data needs at any scale. Redis Cloud is based on open source Redis and is entirely compatible with Google Cloud.

Compare Redis Enterprise and Memorystore

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What customers say about Redis Cloud on Google Cloud

Enabling real-time applications on Google Cloud

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Gaming customers can build flawless user experiences:

  • Seamless real-time gaming applications that scale.
  • Redis Cloud’s infinite linear scaling and low-latency Active-Active geo-distribution for global game session management.
  • Redis on Flash to provide accurate real-time in-game leaderboards regardless of the number of players.

Retail customers deliver customized real-time shopping applications with:

  • Seamless cross-platform shopping experiences leveraging high throughput and low-latency Geo-Distribution.
  • Quick, accurate retail search and real-time inventory.
  • Personalized real-time customer service.
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Deployment flexibility for any size organization

Redis Enterprise provides deployment flexibility, so that no matter where you are in your cloud journey, there’s an option to meet your needs. You can even switch from open source.

When you deploy in the Google Marketplace, Redis Cloud is a line item on a unified bill, with spend counting toward your Google Cloud commit. You can also provision according to your changing business needs while still benefiting from:

  • Global low latency with up to 99.999% uptime SLA 
  • Modern apps support for multi-model capabilities such as Search and Query, JSON, Time Series, and Bloom filters
  • Protection against data loss and fast recovery in case of complete outages
  • Redis on Flash for cost-efficiency across large datasets
  • Hybrid & multi-cloud compatibility

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