Announcing Redis 7.2 unified release and enhanced vector DB

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Centralizes data from 10 million+ IoT devices for improved data analytics

Company: Inovonics
Industry: Technology

Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks, has more than 10 million devices deployed around the world. Inovonics has access to tremendous amounts of data that is highly unique to its industry, but the data was largely siloed. With the adoption of Redis Enterprise Cloud, Inovonics centralized all their data on Google Cloud, opening up valuable new product offerings to their customers in the form of easy-to-access, insightful data analytics.

Robust and Resilient Cloud Services with Google Cloud and Redis Enterprise Cloud

“One of our requirements was that we outsource as much work to the cloud as possible,” says Pandit. “Redis Enterprise Cloud’s easy compatibility with Google Cloud, as well as its fully managed operations, allow our IT personnel to focus on the analytics we’re providing rather than maintaining the underlying environment.”

To build its new data analytics offerings with as little overhead as possible and close to the sensors at the network edge, Inovonics turned to Google Cloud. Inovonics’ edge platform required a robust set of data platform capabilities for resiliency and performance with the least operational footprint and operating costs and turned to Redis Enterprise Cloud, a fully automated database-as-a-service from Redis.

Customer requirements

  • Advanced analytics to derive actionable insights from large volumes of high velocity data from thousands of sensors
  • Reduce the hassles of operations, maintenance, and reliability, supporting the need for innovation at lower costs
  • Reliability, availability, and serviceability of cloud IoT environment

Redis Enterprise Cloud benefits

  • Harness and process data of any structure (key-value, events, time series data, geospatial coordinates), making it simple to handle rapidly changing IoT
  • Drive real-time analytics on data from millions of sensors without complex hardware or extra software cost effectively with Redis on Flash
  • Future proof cloud journey with native Kubernetes on Google Cloud support

Redis Enterprise Cloud: An Easy Choice

In addition to its fully managed operations and seamless compatibility with Google Cloud, Redis Enterprise Cloud has many other unique attributes that made it an easy choice for Inovonics. Simplicity with the versatile data structures, high performance on high volume data from millions of sensors, easy programmability, small in-memory footprint, the robustness of the platform, intelligent data tiering with Redis on Flash and fault tolerant service on Google Cloud and much more make it a compelling data management solution for IoT. The availability of Redis Enterprise as a native service on Kubernetes for further expansion upon existing investments while simultaneously providing simple infrastructure management is a bonus.