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Xignite Inc. provides cloud-based financial market data APIs to deliver real-time and reference financial market data to their digital assets, such as websites and apps. Redis Enterprise is a critical technology layer for Xignite, powering high volume market data delivery with extremely low latencies. Xignite uses Redis Enterprise to ensure high availability with real-time auto-failover and minimize the company’s operational costs through automated scaling and more efficient use of its hardware.


I no longer have to worry about the availability of my Redis layer- it is one less problem to worry about in my IT stack. And I save more than I had expected on hardware and operations personnel time!

Qin Yu

Director of Engineering, Xignite

Solving for High Availability with Real-Time Failover

Xignite sources and integrates real-time and reference market data into apps and devices for its 1,000 financial services clients. High availability and reliability are critical to Xignite’s business because any delay could equate to missed opportunities for clients. After implementing Redis Enterprise, Xignite found that the auto-failover features prevented prolonged periods of downtime and eradicated the manual, tedious process to get the system running again.

Customer requirements

  • Ensure high availability and prevent downtime
  • Minimize operational and infrastructure costs and TCO

Redis Enterprise benefits

  • Instant and infinite database scaling with no downtime or interruption to the service
  • Highly-available, predictable and stable solution
  • Top performance with incomparable response times and support

Peace of Mind with Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise provides Xignite with several operational benefits – not only is Redis Enterprise highly available and protected against outages at different levels, the company also saves on operational resources and overall costs. With Redis Enterprise’s ability to seamlessly scale by creating new shards on the same or any available servers, Xignite is simultaneously assured of the optimum hardware utilization and performance. The low operational hassle associated with Redis Enterprise’s automated monitoring and balancing of shards ensures that Qin’s team can focus on development issues.