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Digital Transformation
Index Report

Digital transformation is accelerating. Is your data layer
ready? Speed up your journey with the Redis DTI Report 2.0

Digital Transformation Index Report

Key Findings

At Redis, we see a direct connection between a set of technology layers (cloud, microservices, containers, and NoSQL databases) and how quickly and successfully companies move on their transformation journeys. Based on responses from thousands of RedisConf 2021 attendees, the DTI report gives you insights to stay ahead of your competition.

Digital Transformation Index Report Key Findings


Digital transformation’s pace has increased.

Digital transformation’s pace has accelerated since we ran our last survey, with cloud adoption the major force.


NoSQL database adoption continues to accelerate.

We found a strong correlation between NoSQL adoption and overall digital transformation index scores.


Caching is critical for any application that needs to scale.

Caching isn’t just an optimization for improving performance, and it’s being used in more ways than ever before.

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In the DTI report, Cultural Changes were the biggest obstacle to digital transformation for 46%
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Digital Transformation Index 2.0 Survey Report

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