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Betserv Adopted Redis Enterprise to Increase the Performance of its CRM Platform

When Betserv encountered latency problems with their old database, they began to evaluate other database options. For Betserv, a lightning fast CRM solutions is essential; their users expect an efficient and responsive leads-to-sales process.

Thanks to Redis Enterprise, Betserv saw a reduction in downtime throughout all its processes. Moreover, Betserv was able to operate at enterprise-level efficiency without depending on additional specialized personnel for their eCommerce platform.

Betserv’s Requirements

To maximize the efficiency and performance of its CRM platform and server more more pieces of its application with fewer resources

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Faster time to market
• Reduced downtime
• Higher, more stable performance

Redis Enterprise helped us deliver applications faster and with greater reliability than ever before. We love its impressive performance! Simply put, it just works!