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BioCatch Relies on Redis Enterprise to Protect 70 Million+ Users with Game-Changing Behavioral Biometrics

To overcome the significant database scaling issues it faced as a result of extreme, rapid growth and product adoption, BioCatch turned to Redis Enterprise to service more than 70 million platform end users with zero downtime, zero operational hassle, and near-zero latency. While the initial solution was designed to handle the complexities of querying behavior characteristics — such as how a user holds their phone, types, swipes across the screen, or scrolls down the page — it became evident that the existing stack could not keep pace with the five billion transactions per month the company was processing for highly critical, real-time fraud detection.

Learn how BioCatch uses Redis Enterprise VPC to serve an average of three terabytes of data and 200 million keys at any given moment to the many microservices that power their applications.

Redis Enterprise just works. We no longer need to worry about anything related to data at scale or try to anticipate the future infrastructure requirements of an everchanging market 24 months in advance. We simply insert building blocks into Redis Enterprise VPC as we go and rest easy knowing that, whatever the future holds, Redis has us covered