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Bleacher Report Delivers Lightning Fast Response Time Within Milliseconds

Originally published on bleacherreport.com

Our API service uses Redis as it’s caching layer. The Redis set operations are extremely useful for the logic required in our API service. Unfortunately, we have had some issues scaling Redis. Redis is a single-threaded server that reads incoming connections using an event-based paradigm, thus uses only 1 CPU core. So you can scale Redis vertically but it is very challenging to scale Redis horizontally. We see this when our app calls heavier zset and zunionstore operations. Redis hits the CPU limit and it gets pegged at 100%.

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“As the 2nd largest sports site in the world, Bleacher Report handles more than 80 Million visitors each month. We rely on Redis to super charge our app… who else can deliver response in under a couple milliseconds?”

Tung Nguyen
Senior Director of Engineering at Bleacher Report