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Bloor InBrief: Redis Enterprise as a HTAP database

There are many industry terms for databases offering real-time transactional and analytic processing: HTAP (hybrid transactional analytic processing), Translytics, HOAP (hybrid operational analytic processing) and OLTAP (on-line transactional analytic processing). In this MarketUpdate report, Bloor Research surveys the entire landscape of vendors offering real-time data processing, designating each one a benchmark score across eight criteria.

Bloor offers an in-depth overview of Redis Enterprise’s real-time transactional capabilities, and in the end designating it with their Platinum Mutable Business award. In doing so Redis Enterprise is noted for “the flexibility that its support for different data structures and modules provides.” Additionally the report concludes, “we can say that Redis supports a broader range of prebuilt analytic capabilities than most, if not all, other NoSQL databases.”

Download the full report to understand how you should consider evaluating your hybrid, real-time data processing needs.