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Break the Cost and Capacity Barrier with Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory

In-memory databases are lauded for their ability to hold entire datasets in active system memory, avoiding the latency associated with reading from disk. However, this unparalleled speed and responsiveness comes at a price; the high DRAM capacity required to run large-scale in-memory databases is often cost-prohibitive, forcing organizations to make hard choices between high performance, scalability, and budget restraints.

Sound familiar?

Intel’s revolutionary new memory tier eliminates the need for such painful compromise. Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory is a breakthrough technology that packages Intel® OptaneTM media in a DIMM form factor enabling module sizes of up to 512 GB, several times larger than today’s DDR4 memory can currently support. This innovation makes it affordable to configure servers with larger memory capacities than was previously feasible, so that systems can hold larger data sets closer to the processor.

Redis Enterprise is optimized for this new memory technology, allowing it to provide the same record-breaking sub-millisecond performance for which it is revered, but at dramatically lower infrastructure costs than DRAM-only system configurations.

Download our white paper to discover:

  • The technical details of Intel’s revolutionary new memory tier
  • How Redis Enterprise is uniquely suited to leverage Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory
  • The many benefits—including lightning-fast response, simplified app development, and streamlined infrastructure—of running Redis Enterprise in combination with Intel® OptaneTM DC persistent memory

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