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BrikL Limited Improves their Ecommerce Site with Redis Enterprise

BrikL, the fashion design, digitization and collaboration app that lets users create and share and develop virtual samples, needed to improve their speed-to-market and increase their sales. As a partner to leading fashion designers and apparel manufactures, BrikL has a set of latency and speed standards its customers have grown accustomed to.

In order to deal with the exponential growth in their application’s users, BrikL chose Redis Enterprise to cache its eCommerce platform because it offered the highest, most stable performance without sacrificing flexibility or ease-of-use.

BrikL’s Requirements

To provide its customers a seamless experience on its Ecommerce platform through Redis Enterprise’s stable performance standards.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Faster time to market
• Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel


Redis Enterprise just works. It’s easy to use and we love its impressive performance!