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Cirrus Insight, the #1 App on Salesforce, Uses Redis Enterprise for Session Management

Cirrus Insight designs and develops applications and plug-ins for customer relationship management. Their application is rated the #1 app for integrating Salesforce with your email inbox. With it, users can save emails into Salesforce, sync events with their email calendars, and manage leads contacts, tasks, events, cases, and opportunities. Cirrus Insight counts on Redis Enterprise’s high-speed processing to help them scale as their user count grows.

Cirrus Insight leverages many of Redis Enterprise’s robust features for high performance across use cases that include user session store, job management, high-speed transactions, and content caching. It relies on Redis Enterprise database for sub-millisecond response time, and seamless ability to scale, and uses Redis Enterprise as a primary database for many of its use cases.

Download this case study and find out how Redis Enterprise powers one of the most popular and fast growing applications on Salesforce.

Redis Enterprise provides solid performance and reliability as our data size and processing needs continue to increase.