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Database Technology For 2020 – A Bloor White Paper

What does it take for a database to thrive in the 2020s?

According to Bloor Research, an independent research and analyst house, a database for the coming decade needs to be able to store and process a variety of data types, and it needs to support real-time analytics against all of that heterogeneous data.

In other words, the database of the future is a high-performing, multi-model database.

In its Database Technology For 2020 white paper, Bloor makes a strong case for the advantages of multi-model databases in a world where the number of data environments and use cases is ever expanding. The analyst firm makes an equally strong case for Redis Enterprise’s ahead-of-its-time approach to the multi-model database architecture.

“Redis Enterprise supports multiple logical views into its database, now to include time series data and deep learning models, and has taken this one step further to deliver event-driven data transformations from one model to another, in real-time, in memory. Redis Enterprise will eliminate the need for organizations to deal with siloed data environments and multiple APIs.”

Through its embedded modules, Redis Enterprise not only supports a wide variety of data models, but also seamless collaboration across these models. Regardless of type, all modules inherit the properties for which Redis is well loved—superior performance, flexibility, and extensibility.

Download the Bloor white paper to discover:

  • The challenges facing organizations and databases in the coming decade
  • The database technologies that are key to overcoming these challenges
  • How Redis modules like RedisAI, RedisGraph, RediSearch, RedisTimeSeries, and others bring tomorrow’s ideal database to life—today

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