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Dynamic Yield Moves to Redis Enterprise VPC to Serve Actionable, Real-Time Experiences for its Customers

Dynamic Yield’s innovative platform employ advanced machine learning techniques to optimize and personalize experiences for end users across mobile, web, app and email engagements. As Dynamic Yield saw its user base double since 2013, they needed a scalable and modern data platform to serve their customer personalization platform for marketers. Capturing more than 600 billion events per month, Dynamic Yield turned to Redis Enterprise to address their need for dynamic scaling and high availability.

Redis Enterprise is now the backbone in numerous use cases, including MySQL index, distributed lock, user real-time activity store, load balancing data access, and indexed product catalogs store. Today, more than 30 applications – and nearly every customer solution Dynamic Yield offers – involves Redis Enterprise in some way across the company’s personalization platform.  

In addition, learn how Dynamic Yield was able to achieve over 35% in infrastructure savings with Redis Enterprise and Redis on Flash.

Since implementing Redis Enterprise VPC, no one on my team has had to wake up to deal with anything related to Redis,” says Sasha Popov, Dr. of Engineering at Dynamic Yield. “We sleep well knowing that Redis is secure in our own private AWS environment that we control.”