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Enhance Fraud Detection Systems With Redis and AWS

Redis Enterprise and AWS Fraud Detection Solution Overview

Clamp down on fraud. Detect fraudsters instantly. Protect your customers.

Fraud rates are at a record high and costs billions of dollars in losses each year.  Simple rules-based fraud detection systems are no longer sufficient and adding AI/ML risk modeling will increase costs.  Reducing false positives and accurately determining fraud instantly are major challenges. 

Failing to clamp down on fraud will damage your brand image, will tarnish your reputation, and will repel your customers.

But with Redis Enterprise and AWS you can enhance fraud detection by using a real-time data platform with AWS AI/ML services. Find out how to win the war on fraud in our new solutions brief. In it you’ll discover:

  • The 2 biggest obstacles to fraud detection
  • The 5 components that make up the solution reference architecture
  • How detecting fraud can be enhanced with a multi-layered rule-based + AI/ML approach.

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