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Freshworks Enjoys Effortless Scaling, Automated Failover, and a Seamless Developer Experience with Redis Enterprise Cloud

Freshworks, the leader in customer engagement software, offers a cloud-based suite of business software that is used by over 150,000 organizations worldwide. As the company’s database load grew, it was having trouble scaling performance. Freshworks was finding that its current caching solution was creating more problems than it was solving.

Freshworks chose Redis Enterprise Cloud to perform a wide variety of critical database functions while keeping application responsiveness lightning fast.

Freshwork’s Requirements

A solution that could significantly decrease the load to MySQL database to improve application response times.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Seamless expansion
• Automated scalability
• Comprehensive front-end solution

Without its seamless functioning and automation, we would still be putting an unsustainable amount of effort into infrastructure and operations management. Redis Enterprise has helped our teams focus on innovation and business growth to successfully expand our product portfolio and serve new geographies.