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How to handle >1 billion page views a month cost effectively with Redis Labs

Spot.IM’s next generation community engagement platform is architected for blazing fast responsiveness and incredible scale. The platform handles thousands of requests per second, and processes over one billion page views a month. To achieve this with simplicity and high performance, Spot.IM relies on Redis Enterprise, highly available, seamlessly scalable Redis from Redis. With Redis on Flash, using AWS SSD instances, Spot.IM is now able to gain the same real-time high throughput and extremely low latencies at 70% lower costs compared to a pure RAM solution.

As our data grows, we need to find ways to scale out the storage in a cost effective way, without impacting the quality of the service. Redis on Flash gets us there by delivering a cost-effective, high performance, in-memory database for our highly responsive platform.

Ishay Green