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Infosys Trusts Redis Enterprise to Power India’s Taxation Solution

Infosys Limited, India’s second largest IT company in 2017,  services over 1 billion clients at a time. Infosys serves the Indian government running the country’s latest taxation systems. Other databases, supporting this service, were having trouble handling the large volumes of data. In an effort to reduce data-loss and administration issues with other databases, Infosys turned to Redis Enterprise’s high availability and performance to handle increasing application and user count.

Redis Enterprise increased stability throughout Infosys’ customer-facing application and allowed for more pieces of their application to be served faster.

Infosys’ Requirements

To efficiently and quickly ingest data in order to accommodate an increasing customer base and decrease their data-loss to zero.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Reduced downtime
• High availability
• Higher, more stable performance

Redis Enterprise is easy to learn, install, scale and monitor. With ZERO sleepless nights guaranteed!