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Inovonics Leverages Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud Platform to Launch Its New IoT Data Analytics Products

Inovonics, the industry leader in high performance wireless sensor networks, has more than 10 million devices deployed around the world and access to tremendous amounts of data highly unique to its industry. With the onset of the big data era, the company quickly came to understand that the unique sets of data collected by its wireless devices and sensors also had tremendous application potential.


Thanks to Redis Enterprise VPC from Redis allowed Inovonics to centralize itself on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), opening up valuable new product offerings to its customers in the form of easy-to-access, insightful data analytics

Redis Enterprise makes it possible to process a large amount of data generated by connected edge devices while adhering to low-latency requirements from millions of sensors every day. With its versatile support for many data structures, Redis Enterprise is perfectly suited to live in our edge devices, providing ultimate flexibility to our developers.