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Malwarebytes Relies on Redis Enterprise for Real-time Streaming of Billions of Records

Malwarebytes, the industry-leading anti-malware and internet security software provider, was struggling to harness the sheer enormity of data their systems were capturing. The company had access to a wealth of malware data, but leveraging that data with the speed and efficiency necessary to drive intelligence into global and local attack vectors was a daunting task.

Malwarebytes uses Redis Enterprise for centralized stateful storage, fast data ingestion, session management, time series analysis, and geospatial analysis enabling the company to aggregate, correlate and visualize data in a manner and speed that would otherwise not be possible.

“Malwarebytes needed a centralized stateful storage solution that all workers could consume from. Redis provided the much-needed real-time indexing and retrieval capability for us to create joins on streaming data,” says Chinen. “ Using Redis Enterprise solved our problem by providing a blazing fast, centralized stateful storage.”