Case Studies

Redis Enterprise’s Ease-of-Use Frees Swello to Focus on its Product Instead of Infrastructure

The French marketing platform Swello allows users to publish content adapted to their audience in order to boost their engagement on social networks. Swello was experiencing difficulties operating, scaling, and administering with other databases and being a small 4-6 person company, needed a database that could be operated with fewer personnel.

In order to save their customers the most time and simplify their Social Media strategy, Swello chose Redis Enterprise’s high and more stable performance to elevate their customer engagement.

Swello’s Requirements

To maximize the efficiency of their database while operating with fewer resources in order to save their customers more time.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Faster time to market
• Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel
• Higher, more stable performance

Redis Enterprise’s ease of use, stability and quality of information allows us to focus on product, not infrastructure. The Redis Enterprise team is very transparent, trustworthy, and give useful advice regularly. Redis Enterprise helped us deliver applications faster and reliably. It is stress-free!