Case Studies

Redis Enterprise’s High Performance Helps PubPlus Accomplish Metering in Real-Time

Responsible for helping publishers maximize content distribution spend, ad revenue, and their user engagement, PubPlus seamlessly aggregates publisher’s data into one easy-to-manage platform where users can leverage valuable insight in order to maximize growth and profit. Using PubPlus, publishers can easily spot and halt under-performing content distribution campaigns and scale profitable ones. PubPlus couldn’t afford high latency or performance issues if they wanted to provide their customers with a reliable service.

In order to maximize their customer’s return on investment on content campaigns, PubPlus counts on Redis Enterprise to reduce downtime and meter traffic with minimal effort.

PubPlus’ Requirements

The ability to seamlessly scale, cluster, and auto-shard in order to aggregate valuable publisher data and manage its highly distributed system.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Faster time to market
• Reduced downtime
• Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel

The core of our system is highly distributed. We’ve learned that with the right architecture and correct data structure, Redis Enterprise can effortlessly handle our system, no matter how demanding we are in terms of volume and response times. I can speak on behalf of our whole team when I say that…we love it!