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Redis Enterprise vs. Hazelcast IMDG

Redis Datasheet | Comparing Redis Enterprise Real-Time Data Platform and Hazelcast In-Memory Data

Redis Enterprise vs. Hazelcast IMDG

A side-by-side comparison

Hazelcast IMDG is an in-memory compute platform built on Java that works as a distributed caching system with limited data model support.  It’s difficult to deploy, operationally complex, and lacks multi-cloud support.  Enterprises are looking for solutions that are scalable, extensible, can be deployed easily and has a low total cost of ownership.

Redis Enterprise, available as software and managed service in all the major public clouds, goes above and beyond legacy in-memory data grid technology to power business critical, real-time applications at any scale, anywhere.

Read this comparison and learn:

  • Unique advantages of Redis Enterprise vs Hazelcast
  • Challenges of In-Memory Data Grids built on Java
  • Which use cases fit better with Redis.

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