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Skydrop Updates Information in Real-Time for its IoT Water Conservation Solution

Skydrop’s smart-sprinkler system makes conserving water and saving on your water bill simple and hands-free. Using adaptive algorithms to generate custom and dynamic watering schedules from your weather data, Skydrop automatically determines the optimal watering schedule for each one of your lawn’s zones in any weather condition. Skydrop’s system required the most up-to-date weather data and for that, they needed a speedy deployment.

Skydrop counts on Redis Enterprise to power its IoT cloud service, with real-time ingestion and analysis of weather data to interpret hyper-local weather data in real time and intelligently water landscapes by adjusting watering cycles, duration, and frequency, all while requiring fewer specialized personnel.

Skydrop’s Requirements

To increase the power of its IoT cloud service and guarantee real-time delivery of weather data.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Faster time to market
• Reduced downtime
•Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel


Redis Enterprise is so good, we rarely think about it. It just works and works well.