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Tarife.at Trusts Redis Enterprise to Deliver Market Knowledge to its Customers

Austria’s largest comparison portal for mobile communications and telecommunications packages, Tarife.at, uses a unique SpeedMap to chart what services providers can deliver based on your location. In order to help its 350,000 visitors per month find the best provider rates, Tarife.at couldn’t afford any data-loss or downtime.

Tarife.at chose Redis Enterprise because the high-speed and stable performance was essential for a smooth and streamlined SpeedMap and its ability to seamlessly scale meant no downtime for its increasing user base.

Tarife.at’s Requirements

To maximize the efficiency and scale of its open source Redis installation in order to accommodate the rapid growth of its online games.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous cost savings
• Reduced downtime
• Higher, more stable performance

To put it simply, Redis Enterprise just works!