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Extending the Value of Redis Enterprise with Real Time Search

Unlock the power of your  data with Redis Enterprise real-time database search engine.

Delivering high performing applications and analytics is a challenging task especially as databases scale and users are geo-dispersed. Database index and search can be slow and complex to manage as application and business needs change: 

• Disk-based SQL and NoSQL databases can suffer search and query bottlenecks negatively impacting customer experience and loyalty

• Bolt-on search engines increase complexity due to software integration requirements 

Join a fireside chat with HackerRank’s  senior software engineer, Ankit Choudhary, who’ll explain how HackerRank uses Redis Enterprise real time data platform alongside their monolithic relational database for rapid query results. Learn how with Redis Enterprise HackerRank scales their leaderboard queries to support over 11 million online users.  

Key takeaways that you will learn in this session include: 

  • Demo of Redis real-time search 
  • Sample applications built using Redis search
  • How HackerRank uses Redis and JSON documents to deliver fast query results
Ankit Chadhoury

Ankit Choudhary

Software Development Engineer lI, HackerRank

Eric Silva

Eric Silva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Redis

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