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Build and deploy scalable real-time applications

In partnership with The London Java Community

Build and Deploy Scalable Real-Time Applications

Bridge House, 4 Borough High Street, SE1 9QQ

Thursday, September 21 from 18:00-20:45

When Redis meets JSON, microservices, Clouds and Containers.

Join us for our next meetup in the Redis London office where we will showcase how easy it is to build real-time applications using Redis Stack, RedisInsight, JSON, and search.

We’ll show how to scale both Redis deployments and microservices – whether you’re using managed services on public cloud with Redis Enterprise Cloud, or retaining more architecture options and control with Kubernetes-based deployment and automation.

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Redis Presenters

Kamran Yousaf, Solution Architect, Redis

Kamran Yousaf

Principal Solution Architect

Paul Ross
Partner Solution Architect

Paul Ross

Partner Solution Architect

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Agenda Sessions

Session 1: Real-time scalable applications powered by Redis, JSON, Vector Similarity and Search

Get customers the data they need – faster.

Developers and architects who build applications turn to real-time search for the performance required to keep users happy – because the competition is always just a click away.

Speed up your applications with Redis’ real-time indexing, querying, and full-text search engine for JSON. Search and Query is a flexible indexing, query and search engine that delivers sub-millisecond results. 

We’ll also touch on Redis’ vector similarity search capabilities. Search and Query integrates with Java with Lettuce, Jedis or even Spring Boot / Spring Data with easy-to-use object mapping and repository interfaces and annotations.

You will learn how Search and Query overcomes common application challenges, including:

· Ingest performance: To search fast, you need to ingest and index data fast for both key value and JSON, all powered by Redis’ in-memory architecture.

· Rich querying: Applications need current and immediately usable data. Discover how to combine queries, aggregation, full text search and vector similarity search in a cohesive, simple architecture.

· Speed and scalability: Redis Enterprise in-memory database scales across database shards and cluster nodes, providing high concurrency. It also includes data protection with persistence and backup built in.

· Be productive and run anywhere: Experiment on desktop with Redis Stack and RedisInsight, deploy to cloud in seconds, or to on-premises with Redis Enterprise.

Session 2: Microservices, Redis, Cloud and Kubernetes - patterns for deploying quickly, reliably and at-scale.

Deploying apps using the KubernetesAPI has made life easier for developers, especially when deploying across multiple regions or environments. But why stop there? Use the KubernetesAPI to provision and scale Redis databases as well, with the size, reliability and capabilities your app  needs. – all fully automated so you can focus on your app rather than the infrastructure. .

But that’s not all. In a distributed environment you need a lightweight, asynchronous way to communicate between applications – one that’s also scalable, resilient, and reliable. We’ll show how Redis Streams couples applications/microservices loosely, allowing graceful degradation and restore at the same time. That’s all while keeping data-duplication, bandwidth, and egress costs at a minimum.

Finally, as part of your journey to cloud, consider  deploying Redis as a fully managed service. Discover the available options to deploy Redis natively to Google Cloud, Amazon, or Azure and see how to start right away with small caches, large databases with persistence, and Redis database with JSON/RediSearch support.

In this session you will learn:

· How to build resilient, scalable, and reactive applications using Redis Streams

· How to use Search and Query and JSONto go beyond basic caching scenarios

· How to provision and scale Redis databases using the Kubernetes API or your preferred cloud