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Build Modern Apps with a
Real-Time JSON Document Store

Learn how to improve the performance of your apps with the new real-time document store from Redis.

Document databases offer a flexible data model without needing to pre-define anything about their structure or values. This makes them ideal for scenarios where a data model is constantly changing or not fully known at the start of a project. However, the lack of predefined schema often results in poor query performance, making them less ideal for real-time and near-real-time applications.


RedisJSON solves the document store performance problem. It can either be used as a cache to reduce read and write latencies or as a fully-featured in-memory document store that provides native support to store, index, query, and runs full-text search on JSON documents, all at the speed of Redis.

In this webinar, learn why RedisJSON is great for time-sensitive applications, as well as non-real-time tactical and customer-experience scenarios, and how its design differs from other document stores. Other highlights include:

  • Key considerations for moving from RDBMS to document databases
  • Main differences between existing document stores and RedisJSON
  • Live demo of a real-time eCommerce store built using Redis

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Event speakers:

Sanjeev Mohan

ex-Gartner Analyst
Yiftach Shoolman
Yiftach Shoolman

Co-Founder & CTO
Pieter Cailliau

Director of Product Management