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Combining Redis with Azure OpenAI Service for Next-Level Generative AI Applications

Generative AI is more than just buzz. From allowing retail customers to find new products to providing workers an intelligent guide to answer their questions, semantic answer engines can use AI to solve problems today. First, you have to figure out how to actually integrate the latest advances from Azure OpenAI Service into your application. 

In this webinar, speakers Sam Partee, Principal Applied AI Engineer, Redis and Microsoft’s Kyle Teegarden, Senior Product Manager, Azure Cache for Redis will walk you through it step by step. This session will provide a deep dive into how vector databases can be used in conjunction with large language models (LLMs) and demonstrate how to make a custom AI-based semantic answer engine entirely using Azure managed services. We’ll provide practical examples and use cases as well as answer your questions on how and where you can apply these skills. By the end, you too will know how to take advantage of the latest AI technology.  

This session covers:

  • Generate embeddings using Azure OpenAI Service 
  • Create a Vector Search Index and perform intelligent queries
  • Build Semantic Search with Azure OpenAI Service and Redis
  • Explore tradeoffs between performance and accuracy 
  • Optimize throughput and reduce costs 

Event Speakers

Sam Partee Principal Applied AI Engineer Redis

Sam Partee

Principal Applied AI Engineer

Kyle Teegarden, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Kyle Teegarden

Senior Product Manager

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