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Customer Spotlight: Inovonics Delivers Near Real-Time Analytics with Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud

In this webinar, Engineering Director Lalit Pandit, shares how Inovonics, a leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks, has designed a near real-time IoT data analytics solution with as little overhead as possible by leveraging Redis Enterprise and Google Cloud.

The journey is ongoing. In this session, Lalit shares three ingredients in Inovonics’ technology stack, including what is required for ingesting and storing messages from 15 million sensors deployed in the field; processing notifications and alarms; and building near real-time analytics for multi-family housing, security, and senior living.

When:December 12, 2019 | 11:00 am
Duration:45 minutes
Featured Speaker:Lalit Pandit, Director of Engineering, Inovonics
Dan Lowen, Solutions Architect, Redis


Lalit Pandit, Director of Engineering, Inovonics

Lalit is Director of Engineering at Inovonics, responsible for the entire engineering organization comprising hardware, firmware and software teams for Industrial IoT. He is a proven leader and manager in software development and test and program management, with a wide range of experiences in storage, mobile, instrumentation and mechanical CAD industries. He is a software hobbyist and previously an Associate Researcher at Colorado State University, where he experimented in machine learning and computer vision in C++/Python with OpenCV and Keras (Tensorflow) models. Lalit brings a blend of people management as well as a strong technical background.

Dan Lowen, Solutions Architect, Redis

Dan is a battle-tested hybrid cloud application architect and polyglot programmer with a unique combination of deep technical, solution delivery, multi-industry and sales expertise. Prior to Redis, Dan was a financial services technical cloud and sales leader in Boston with IBM after 20+ years of designing and implementing data driven custom application solutions as part of IBM global services.

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