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Exploring Streaming Music Trends With Redis and Node.js

Learn how to build a reactive application using Redis Streams.

Remember how much fun it is to learn a new programming technique? And then realizing how often you could use it?

Join us for an in- person coding session where we walk through building a reactive application that lets you search and observe trends in streaming music with real-time updates using core Redis data structures, Streams, JSON, Search, and Time Series.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to use Redis Streams to process data in real time
  • How to visualize time series data with Redis , Node.js, and Vue.js
  • How to use do full-text search to find artists and albums using Redis JSON and Search
  • How to identify and store trends using Redis Sorted Sets
  • How to use Redis for authentication and sessions

Date: Thursday September 28, 2023

Time: 5:00PM- 7:30PM

Location: Austin Office

Event Speakers

Cody Henshaw

Cody Henshaw

Director, Technical Marketing

Justin Castilla, Senior Developer Advocate, Redis

 Justin Castilla

Senior Developer Advocate

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