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Getting Started With Caching

Achieve sub-millisecond performance, scale linearly, and save time and money

Nobody likes to wait. That reality is behind every industry’s efforts to speed up. And it’s the driving force behind the popularity of caching, putting a layer of fast, temporary data storage – holding the most frequently accessed data – in front of the slower, original data store. With Redis Enterprise caching, you can achieve sub-millisecond performance, run reliably, scale linearly, and save time and money with integrations that simplify caching. That helps organizations respond to the need for real-time applications and lets software applications operate at a greater scale. Caching maximizes app performance and is used everywhere speed matters.

In this session, you will understand what application caching is, why and when it’s needed, and how to get the best performance from your applications using advanced enterprise application caching techniques. You’ll also learn about the following:

  • Horizontal and vertical scaling techniques
  • How to use a cache to improve your existing database response times
  • Caching at enterprise scale
  • Caching in the cloud
  • How Redis cache is used in real-world customer use cases
  • Demo including highlighting
    • Cache-aside
    • Query caching
    • Write-behind caching
    • Write-through caching
    • Cache prefetching

We looking forward to getting started with caching together with you!


The Redis Team

Event Speaker

Manish Arora, Solution Architect, Redis

Manish Arora

Solution Architect

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