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Optimal Load Balancing and Easy Scaling with Redis Streams and Redis Cluster

In real life applications, keys are produced at very different and non uniform access rates. This impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the application. In this talk, MachineZone will describe a technique they developed to distribute keys evenly in a cluster of machines, so that each machine handles a fair amount of traffic and computation. We’ll look at a variety of use cases including scaling down a cluster to save resources and cost.

Key points covered:

  • Use Cobra for real time analytics with instant filterable results coming from a Redis stream.
  • Understand how to measure Redis keys frequency access and distribution
  • Reshard a Redis cluster to achieve optimal load balancing using flexible hash slot design
When:July 14, 2020 | 9:00 AM PST
Duration:45 minutes
Featured Speakers:Benjamin Sargeant, Staff Software Engineer at Machine Zone
Audience:Developers, DevOps

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Ben Sergeant

Benjamin Sergeant, Staff Software Engineer at Machine Zone

Benjamin Sergeant is a Staff Software Engineer at Machine Zone, a global leader in mobile gaming delivering some of the world’s most successful mobile games including Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and Game of War. Machine Zone was acquired by AppLovin in May 2020. Benjamin is responsible for crash handling, networking, real-time systems and asset delivery with C++, Python and Redis. Prior to this role he worked on computer graphics at Dreamworks, Heartflow and Adobe.