Announcing Redis 7.2 unified release and enhanced vector DB

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Redis Enterprise Virtual Workshop

Building performant applications with Redis

This free instructor-led professional services introductory workshop trains developers to successfully build performant applications on Redis Enterprise.

After completing this session, developers will:

  • Understand the Redis data model and how it differs from the RDBMS and other NoSQL data models
  • Understand the key components of a Redis Enterprise cluster (node, shards, endpoints, proxies) and how a cluster provides horizontal scaling and high availability
  • Be familiar with the Redis data structures and how Redis modules can extend them 
  • Understand Redis’s transaction semantics
  • Know how to write code against a shared Redis Enterprise database

This webinar is available for registration on multiple dates throughout 2023 and 2024.

Event Speakers

Tom Solon, Professional Services Training Engineer, Redis

Tom Solon

Professional Services Training Engineer Redis

Al Cole, Vice President, Professional Services, Redis

Al Cole

Vice President, Professional Services

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