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Search Data Faster Using Redis Enterprise: Why, How, and Wow

Join to understand more about Redis Search and how several of our clients have implemented it using Redis.

No one wants to wait.

Developers and software architects building applications turn to real-time search to ensure their applications have the performance required to keep users happy. We can help with that – using the Redis tools you already know.

You can use Redis Enterprise for fast search results by indexing for queries such as full-text search, complex filter expressions, secondary key lookups, numeric or geo-ranges, aggregation functions, and ranking of search results. Applications built for cybersecurity, fraud detection, financial services, e-commerce, gaming, and many others rely on Redis Enterprise for high-speed search results – no matter how much data is being managed.

In this session, Redis experts discuss what you can achieve with Redis real-time search, explore ways that our customers apply it, and demonstrate its features.

Event Speaker

Omkar Konnur, Solution Architect

Omkar Konnur

Solution Architect

Rahul Chauhan, Manager Solution Architect

Rahul Chauhan

Manager Solution Architect

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