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Simplify Microservice-Based Architectures with Redis Enterprise

Microservice architecture can be a game-changer that helps organizations reduce barriers for organizations’ application modernization and cloud migration journeys – and let them beat their competition to market.

However, breaking up a monolithic application into microservices usually creates a more complex system. Redis Enterprise reduces that complexity by caching data and optimizing data transfer between microservices – which offers the additional benefit of reducing latency and, consequently, improving performance.

Microservices also improve resiliency and provide read-optimized queries for global data, which means an organization can simplify its processes and automate them to reduce risk and make its architecture more mobile – without adding overhead.

The result is a single data platform for caching that supports optimal data models  — enough to support each microservice in isolation — and acts as a lightweight message broker for inter-service communication. This enhances developer productivity, provides faster time to market, and streamlines an application’s architecture.

This webinar shows how Redis Enterprise has helped customers simplify microservice-based architecture challenges in four ways:

  • Query caching
  • CQRS pattern
  • API gateway caching
  • Interservice communication

Event Speakers

Talon Miller, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Product Marketing

Talon Miller

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager


Brad Barnes

Solution Architect Manager

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