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OCTOBER 20TH, 11:00AM – 12:00PM CDT

Achieving Cross-Region Data Replication with Redis

Learn how to painlessly achieve an
active-active deployment with Redis

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Ensuring fast application performance and high availability to customers no matter where in the world they are located is a prime challenge for modern enterprises. Making that requirement a reality requires a wide variety of technologies, including a robust data layer that can deliver instant responses to any geographic region, support virtually unlimited scaling to handle planned and unplanned peaks, and deliver a five-nines (99.999%) uptime without losing data, even in the event of a failure – all without burdening your IT department with unneeded complexity.

In this virtual event, the Redis team will provide you with a framework to assess if your use case needs active-active cross-region data replication, offer insights into how technologists have bootstrapped their own active-active solutions and their results, and provide a path for you to achieve this capability should your use case demand it. 


  • When and why would I need active-active?
  • How can I achieve active-active with my existing resources?
  • How to deploy active-active Redis with as little pain and as few resources as possible
  • Q&A

Key Takeaways:

  • Grubhub gift card
  • Repeatable framework for evaluating if your use case needs active-active
  • Documentation on active-active deployments and strategies
  • Success stories of other technologists that have successfully implemented active-active

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Event speakers:

Health Tull
Heath Tull

Strategic Account Manager
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy

Solutions Architect