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Develop real-time applications with Redis Enterprise
Cloud on AWS

Join us for this webinar and hands-on workshop by Redis and our partners at AWS to make your real-time applications a reality with a data layer built for our real-time world using Redis.

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In this hands-on workshop, we’ll cover:

  • An overview of Redis Enterprise Cloud
  • Getting started deploying Redis Enterprise Cloud in AWS
  • Setting up and designing Redis databases per your application requirements
  • Establishing networking connectivity between your business applications and Redis Enterprise Cloud running as a DBaaS (Database as a Service) on AWS


To get the most out of the hands-on tutorial, please come prepared with the following prerequisites.

  • Basic understanding of git, AWS core concepts (IAM, Regions, EC2 Instances)
  • Python / Java
  • GitHub

Come learn how you can leverage Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS in this hands-on workshop.


Srinivas Pendyala
Srinivas Pendyala
Partner Solutions Architect
Redis Inc.

Srini comes with over two decades of hands-on technical leadership in delivering enterprise, big data, mobility, and cloud computing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Srini currently works at Redis as a Partner Solutions Architect, helping strengthen the technology alliance between Redis and AWS. Srini focuses exclusively on driving value for customers who want to leverage Redis’ product offerings on AWS. Prior to joining Redis, Srini worked at Cloudera for six years, managing ISV partnership programs in the data engineering, data integration, and analytics spaces. Srini is extremely passionate about distributed computing and databases.

Antony Prasad Thevaraj
Antony Prasad Thevara
Partner Solutions Architect

Antony has over ten years of experience as a big data engineer working on building complex ETL and ELT pipelines for various business units. He is currently a Partner Solutions Architect in the Data and Analytics organization at AWS, helping partners build joint solutions using the various services that AWS has to offer.

Teasara Thompson
Teasara Thompson
Senior Strategic Alliances Manager
Redis Inc

Teasara Thompson has led a career as a business development manager and individual contributor in the technology sales industry. Serving as the Global Strategic Alliance Manager at Redis, Teasara plays a major role in establishing key relationships with AWS, driving joint-partner GTM, and positioning Redis as a leading NoSQL ISV with AWS. Prior to her current role at Redis, Teasara worked as an Account Executive at Amazon Web Services, focusing on high-growth startups cloud strategy in Silicon Valley. Teasara has also held roles previously at FaunaDB, D2iq, and Couchbase.to offer.