I use open source Redis. Why should I switch to Redis Enterprise Pro?

Self-managing a cluster of open source Redis servers can be a very demanding task, especially when your dataset is large. The ongoing operation of scaling/clustering/re-sharding/rebalancing, HA settings, recovery from failures and stabilizing performance can be quite error prone, and requires skilled personnel. Redis Enterprise Pro removes the heavy lifting from your DevOps/DBAs. All database operations are managed in a near fully-automated manner by our Redis experts, assuring uninterrupted database operation.

In terms of the application, Redis Enterprise Pro completely hides the fact that a Redis cluster is running behind the scenes. Our production-proven zero-latency proxy resides on each node of the cluster and allows the application to access a Redis cluster as if it were accessing a single Redis instance, so there is no need to change your application code, your clients, or limit yourself to cluster-specific Redis commands.

Redis Enterprise Pro also means great savings on cloud resources. You can deploy it on Flash (based on high IOPS SSD instances) and enjoy the same sub-millisecond latencies one experiences using Redis on RAM, while reducing cloud resources cost by over 70%. If your dataset is larger than 500GB, running Redis in a fully-automated manner with 24/7 expert support over Redis Enterprise Pro is lower in cost than managing your own Redis instances on the cloud.