Why should I care about Memcached reliability since it is just a cache?

Developers use Memcached because they care about their application performance. However, with unreliable Memcached, you may lose some or all of your Memcached data (part of which may have taken your app hours or days to calculate), due to: (a) a node failure; (b) a scaling event; (c) a software upgrade; or (d) a process restart.

If memory loss occurs, your main database will be overloaded with queries, which may result in dramatic performance degradation or even a complete outage of your app.

Furthermore, many web applications and popular platforms like Magento, Drupal and Joomla store session-cookies in Memcached without backing them up to persistent storage. Session losses due to Memcached failures could have severe implications on your business when users are forced to immediately logout and their shopping carts are flushed away (if you are running an e-commerce site).

Memcached is not just a cache, but rather a cornerstone of your application’s performance. Its reliability should be your concern. Our Memcached Cloud’s in-memory replication capability, storage engine and instant auto-failover mechanism guarantee highly-available Memcached.