Memcached Cloud

Feature / Function

Memcached Cloud
Memcached Cloud
Storage engine Yes No No
Inter-zone bucket replication + instant failover without human intervention Yes No No
Built-in backups & recovery Yes No No
SSL authentication & encryption Yes No No
Self scaling to any bucket size – forget nodes & clusters – zero downtime Yes No No
Performance not sensitive to high loads, “noisy neighbors” or underlying instance size Yes No No
Fully automated service throughout bucket lifecycle Yes No No
Metered usage – pay according to the actual bucket size Yes No No
Available on AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and GCE Yes No No


The key differentiator between Memcached Cloud and other hosted services

Most hosted services offer standard cloud instances pre-loaded with open source Memcached. This approach does not tackle the operational limitations of running Memcached on the cloud and does not provide great advantage over the do-it-yourself approach.

Memcached Cloud overcomes these limitations by adding a breakthrough technological layer to open source Memcached, while fully supporting it. The technology virtualizes multiple cloud servers into an infinite pool of memory, consumed by users according to the actual size of their buckets.

A bucket is distributed in small chunks across multiple shards and multiple nodes, minimizing the recovery process from a node failure. Buckets are also constantly replicated, so if a node fails, an auto-switchover mechanism guarantees data is served without interruption.

Memcached Cloud includes a storage engine with various data persistence options, so data in a bucket is never lost. Users can also back up their buckets to a remote persistent storage for disaster recovery purposes.

With Memcached Cloud, scaling is performed automatically, the shards autonomously inflate, deflate, multiply or reduce according to the bucket size and the measured performance of each shard. A bucket can continuously grow from a few megabytes to gigabytes, terabytes and even petabytes.

Memcached Cloud is completely “zero touch.” A Memcached bucket can be created in seconds, and all operations are fully-automated from that moment on.